Nutrition Facts in the Food We Eat |

Food nutrition facts – it is for sure good to know the nutritional values of the most common foods. If you don’t know what you are putting in your mouth, you don’t know how your body is affected by it.The food we eat is composed of lots of raw materials as well as vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, that are required for the repair and maintenance of our body. The proteins in the food we eat are turned into simple compounds – amino acid. These compounds are responsible for taking care of our cells. The calcium in our body has several functions, but it is used primarily to be stored in the teeth and bones. Other important raw materials are fats. They cushion the entire body by forming membranes all around the tissues and organs. Also, our brain consists of fatty acids. Another task fats have in our body, is to instigate the hormones in our endocrine system. Nutrition is also responsible to replenish proteins to the muscles.Our body needs loads of different nutrients each day to be able to carry out its normal functions. It also needs these to protect the organs from disease.A high-fat food might be something you crave, but after you have eaten a high fat fast food meal you will feel tired, right? There are not enough nutrients in food like that and too much unnecessary stuff. So after you have eaten loads of it you don’t feel so good. Some people will even feel a bit down or depressed after having eaten fast food or a high fat/high sugar desert. If you eat nutritious food on the other hand, such as fruits and vegetables, you will feel good and have lots of energy.Maybe up until now you have been eating just because its dinner time or because you carve something or only to fill up your tummy. But now it is time you know about the importance of nutrition and why you should eat well.Nutrition and nutrients – Nutrients are nothing but all those substances that provide us with good nutrition. We can differentiate those two words by saying that nutrition is the process of food intake, while a nutrient is the good stuff found in the food. In fact there are hundreds and thousands of different nutrients in food.To me, fruits and vegetables have the best nutrition facts profiles of all foods. Nuts and seeds come second.The best advice I can give you for your well-being, weight loss and beauty, is to replace the “bad stuff” with lots of fruits and vegetables! Fruits are especially filling. You should try a fruit-only meal one day to see for yourself:)